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"All my classes were personalized to my needs and interests, super friendly teachers, and constant individual attention. I highly recommend it!"

Carlos D.

Horizonte urbano


"We have a Business English program with my group, in which we have developed relevant business topics for our line of business, we always learn new words, as well as new grammatical structures. I was able to verify the learning when we received people from USES  and managed to interact with them  with greater security. The program is very practical and effective.

Leyendo el periódico

Christian M.  "Translations"

" We requested an emergency translation with Followin English Coaching and they delivered an impeccable job in a timely manner. Our colleagues from the United States were very grateful with the work presented. We liked the personalized attention all the time.

orador público

Anne Maria T.
"Finance for Non-Financial"

"With the Finance Program for Non-Financials, I was able to strengthen my Financial English vocabulary and learn to use it in context. Now I can actively participate in company conferences, give my opinion and feel more confident.

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